2004年6月24日 星期四

Heartfield Elan EL-3 by Fender

高中上一屆學長剛好也是用同一支,不過他的NECK摔斷了,1991年生產的琴,Serial: A91894

http://www.42nd.net/strat/elan.htm 就是網頁中第三把一模一樣

Heartfield是Fender Japan的副廠,Fuji Gen-Gakki(很像是富士弦跟星野樂器)製造
Fuji Gen-Gakki這廠牌是製造早期Ibanez的vintage琴種
我高中的時候,一把Gibson Les Paul才要兩萬五,便宜的很

"a Ghostbuilder is someone who builds a guitar for a celebrity, but does
not put his name on the headstock."
算是Fender Japan當時生產線相當特別的傳奇琴種

Elan III model, made in Japan 1991, 22 frets, flamed maple top on a mahogany body with mahogany set neck, ebony fretboard with MOP triangular-type inlays, one volume, one tone, DiMarzio pickups in a H/S/H configuration, 5-way switch, amber finish on maple top, cherry finished on back, Floyd Rose Pro double-locking trem, gold hardware, hard shell case included. Basically, it's a very nice PRS Custom 22 copy.
Body:黃色虎紋楓木 琴身非常重 跟指版是one piece
Fretboard: 22格黑檀木 with "shark's fin" fretboard inlay
Bridge: Floyd Rose Pro
現在這樣的搖座已經看不到了,他的六腳扳手是英制的規格 9/64
但是當年這是Floyd Rose生產線上最高等級的搖座
Pick Up: Dimarzio HB with a Single coil 雙-單-雙
它的線路搭載跟以前Ibanez也曾出現的TBX System,Tone轉到一半是正常,再往下去就是boost,還蠻特別的設計。

就各項評比,這把日本製的琴相較於美廠的custom等級一點也不遜色,在Harmony Centre上面有user把這把琴與PRS相提並論!

總結Heartfield可以說是活化石了,我問了好多人,都沒人知道這把琴,可以算是八零年代末期的代表。音色方面則接近Gibson LP,厚neck與ebony指版都是我想擁有它的原因。據說當年金螞蟻只進了三十把,而我這邊碩果僅存一把,就再也沒看過了........

Heartfield Cetntral 只要是Heartfield fan一定要去看看的站,收集很多豐富的資料!

"Heartfield guitars and basses. Not just a name. But a whole new experience."

Welcome to the wonderful world of Heartfield guitars and basses. If you're here, you're probably in the same boat I was in a few months back. Does this sound familiar...

I have this great guitar but no one seems to know a thing about it. I have searched the web and have come up empty handed! There has to be some information out there somewhere!!!

Well, there wasn't very much information out there anywhere...until now. I have done the dirty work for you. I have nickled and dimed my way on up to a dollar...I have hounded the guys at Fender (who have been great...thanks Mr. Jack Schwarz and SunnBoy)...I have hounded anyone that I could find that has ever mentioned Heartfield on their web page...I have hounded anyone I could find that had a Heartfield listed for sale, and I have accumulated that information here...just for you! My objective with this page is to provide you with as much information as I have about the Heartfield Series of guitars and basses manufactured by Fender. Here you'll find technical specifications, links to parts, copies of ads, photos, reviews, sound bites, contact information, etc.

Many people believe that the induction of the Heartfield Series was Fender's answer to Ibanez during the '80s-'90s metal craze. While this may be true to some extent, I don't believe this to be entirly the case. The Talon Series was obviously put into production to compete with the Ibanez line. As a matter of fact, they were identicle to the Ibanez and they were even made at the same factory in Japan, all of the Heartfield series was.

The Talon's were by far Heartfield's most widely marketed guitar and it is obvious that this particular series were put into production and mass marketed to compete with Ibanez. If you look at the specifications of the other series Heartfield produced, I'm sure you'll agree that an Ibanez/Heartfield rivalry was not Fender's sole intention. The EX Series and the Elan Series were no doubt directly competiting with Fender's cashcow, the Stratocaster, PRS, and Gibson's Les Paul. These two series consisted of very beautiful and well crafted instruments. The EX Series had a very interesting pickup configuration that I have yet to see repeated still today. The Elan Series is kind of a cross between a Strat and a Paul Reed Smith. The RR Series was a little lower scale, but nice guitars in their own respect. The RR-8 and RR-9 have some very innovative active electronic features and provide a wide variety of sound options for a single pickup guitar. Overall the RR series remind me of the Les Paul Jr., but with a Fender feel in the neck. It's hard to explain with words, but if you've played one you would know what I mean.

I don't personally know very much about the Basses in the series. From what I have seen in photos and read in articles, they are very attractive instruments. I have heard that they play awesomely and they certainly look as if they do. You can find the bass specs and Fender's sales pitch by following these links. Sorry but I haven't included the Heartfield basses in the photo gallery yet. The reason is lack of photos! That's a hint to all you Heartfield bassists out there. Please send me your bass photos. You know you have them so please share with the rest of the world.